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Forfeiture Defense

Our firm has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars from the United States, Customs, and the Department of Justice in forfeiture matters. Whether you have been accused of failing to declare currency at the airport or of any other crime, our office will fight to recover your money or other property.


Under the forfeiture laws, you have the right to contest and negotiate settlements for currency or property with the government.  Our familiarity with the forfeiture procedures allow us to present creative strategies to get your property back to you.  Our services are usually at no up-front cost to you.

Because it is your constitutional right to be represented by competent counsel of your choice, you should consult a licensed attorney to discuss the legal rights and remedies you are guaranteed under United States law. When you retain my office, I will clearly and succinctly explain the forfeiture procedures.


However, you must act quickly.  Federal law imposes strict deadlines to contest forfeitures, and if you fail to comply, your assets will be automatically forfeited.  Do not let that happen to you.

Pro Bono Service

Our office prides itself on protecting the rights of all people. We are dedicated to providing legal service to those less fortunate in our community.

I treat every client as my most important client and work tirelessly to protect your interests.

Sebastian Ohanian, Esq.

Available to appear in any federal court in the United States

Aggressive Litigation

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