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Landlord Tenant

Stop Losing Rental Income

There is nothing worse than having an income generating property that is not generating income because of non-paying tenants. Don't settle for "property managers" who send you a bill every month and can't collect rent or a "trusted" realtor that does not answer your calls.

Our law firm has assisted with hundreds of landlord tenant cases. Renting property is supposed to be a revenue stream for landlords not a headache with problem tenants. We offer expedited service and are able to evict non-paying tenants or tenants who violate the terms of a lease both with residential and commercial properties.

Florida has very favorable laws for landlords, even if you do not have a lease.

We charge the following rates for residential properties (costs for commercial properties are higher):

3 Day Notice: $100

7 Day Notice: $150

Evictions (Starting): $1000

Our fees do not include mandatory costs for service or filing fees

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